• Technological lines used to manufacture sandwich panels with EPS and / or MW cores
  • Technological lines used to manufacture panels with PUR/PIR cores
  • Auxiliary equipment for technological lines used to manufacture panels with EPS, MW, PUR/PIR cores
  • Roll forming machines for metal plates
  • Lines designed for longitudinal and transverse slitting of metal plates
  • Equipment supporting various manufacturing processes (transport, packing, multiple saws, lifts, hoists, bending machines)
  • Lines used to cut mineral wool
  • Specialized machinery adapted to the individual needs of our customers
  • Upgrading manufacturing lines
  • Comprehensive relocation of equipment and process lines

  • Technological lines used to manufacture sandwich panels with EPS and Mineral Wool cores

    Innovative Technological Lines used to manufacture sandwich panels with cores, manufactured by our company, are suitable for continuous production of both wall
    and roof panels filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS) and / or mineral wool (MW) which meet all requirements applicable in the building industry regarding fire resistance and thermal insulation. Depending on the requirements set by the customer, the line is from 55 to 100m long and its working speed ranges
    from 4 to 7m / min. depending on the type of panel core and its thickness.


  • wall panels with EPS and / or MW cores, 50 – 300 mm thick, module covering a width of 1150 mm with redrawing as per customer’s requirements
  • roof panels with EPS and / or MW cores, with longitudinal redrawing, individually arranged, module covering a width of 1100 or 1000 mm



    Auxiliary equipment for process lines used to manufacture panels with EPS, MW, PUR/PIR cores

    1. Auto Stacker – handling, rotating and arranging panels automatically.

    Auto Stacker possesses possibility it transfer plate about total thickness to 300 mm as well as parallel arrangement plates in two separate stocks.
    - Input Conveyor. The roller conveyor length about 15 m. The Conveyor is divided on two section what make possible of receipt and further stack two packet of plates.
    - Turn-over unit. This is the turning unit length about 15 m with vacuum pads (nozzle) set for turning panels about 90° for better stacking job. It’s making during production of roof panels with trapezoidal shape which needs more space for trucking.
    - Stacker of packets. Stacker is device composed with support construction with runway, which is used for moving transportation car with grab, equipped with vacuum pads set. Stacker is intended to lift ready plate and put on place where packet is stacked. The vacuum pads was matched especially for height of profiling plates (profiling 6 mm)
    - Team hydraulic tables. Device composed in two hydraulic conveyors sets, so that possible is stack two self-contained stocks of plates on the both side of exit conveyor. After stacking packet will be transported on exit conveyor, which will be provide stack to Wrapping Machine.
    - Delivery Conveyor to wrapping machine. It’s roller exit conveyors set. Between them are located trajectory of hydraulic conveyors.

    2. Packing the panels.

    3. Cooling System.

    Cooling System also called Hedgehog, Width of cooling system is about 14 meters and 17 meters long. The system could have possibility to lift panels up to 300 mm thickness. The system have about 40 stops (stations) for sandwich panels. The entry and exit belt conveyors are made as lift/leave version to collect panels form existing roller conveyor. It means that belt conveyors will be installed with existing roller conveyor system.
    Our Cooling station (Cooling System):

    • Strengthened construction ensuring stability;

    • We applied the special type of trolleys instead of typical transport chains. The building of construction, applied materials, hardening many elements, assure the long vitality and repeatability of aligning in suitable place the transporting forks, without necessity of control and regulation during operating;

    • Additional protections in operate system which give that there is no possibility incorrect aligning the transporting forks and there is no possibility of conflict causing the destruction sandwich panels and "forks";

    • Proper quantity of forks on the Cooling System width’s what give that there is no possibility of appearing the indents on sandwich panels;

    • Special overlays on forks execution from suitable material and special shape ( the project of Terolling Polska) which makes that damage of locks and surface of sandwiches is impossible. The overlay about large vitality and special material assure free slip of the plates on forks, without damage of locks;

    • We used the hydraulic tension of transporting trolleys ("chain") so that there is no necessity of frequent control of tension. The tension is keeping on suitable fixed level throughout the service life of cooling system;

    • Loading belt conveyors in front of cooling and unloading behind of cooling, assure gentle loading / unloading of forks. The quantity of belts, theirs dimensions and material assure the lack of damages on sandwich panel's surfaces;


    The Stolter replacement machine is an innovative device designed to support the manufacturing process of sandwich panels to be filled with PUR/PIR and EPS and MW cores and to make the process more economical.

    The Stolter system installed in a process line used to manufacture sandwich panels facilitates:
  • replacing metal plate coils without line shutdowns
  • changing plate colour without line shutdowns
  • preparing the production process for the next day without excessive losses associated with used coils

  • Roll forming machines for metal plates

    1. Lines for corrugated plate forming.
    2. Lines for roofing sheet forming.
    3. Lines for cold-formed sections with various shapes.

    Lines for longitudinal and transverse metal sheet cutting

    - Lines for transverse cutting:
  • Width of plates fed 1000 – 1500 mm
  • Thickness of plates fed 0.50 – 2.00 mm
  • Weight of coils fed up to 12 tonnes

  • - Lines for longitudinal cutting:
  • Width of plates fed 1000 – 1500 mm
  • Thickness of plates fed 0.50 – 2.00 mm
  • Weight of coils fed up to 12 tonnes


  • longitudinal metal sheet cutting
  • transverse cutting of coils into sheets
  • reeling of cut straps
  • metal sheet recoiling

  • Equipment supporting manufacturing processes (transport, packing, multiple saws, lifts, hoists, bending machines)

    Terolling Poland offers a wide range of equipment used to support processes with the aim to make the manufacturing process more efficient and economical:

    1. Auto Stackers for technological lines.
    2. Belt and walking beam conveyors.
    3. Packing and stacking machines.
    4. Saw and multi-saw machines
    5. Sandwich panel cutting and bending machines

    Lines used to cut mineral wool

  • into plies (lamellas) used to manufacture sandwich panels
  • into plies (lamellas) with key slots
  • according to individual customer’s instructions

  • The line designed for mineral wool cutting is installed e.g. to support the process of sandwich panel manufacturing. Our machine is included in the process line designed for the manufacture of sandwich panels.
    The automated feeding of mineral wool boards, their cutting with the use of a multiple saw machine into plies (lamellas) with a desired thickness, turning the plies (lamellas) and their automated feeding to the process line significantly improve the manufacturing process of wall and roof panels with MW cores.

    The line is designed to cut mineral wool with the following parameters:

  • density up to 125 kg/m2
  • length 1200 – 2000 mm
  • width 1000 mm
  • thickness e.g.: 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm (depending on the width to be covered by a sandwich panel)

  • The thickness of mineral wood board upon its cutting into plies and their turning by 90° in the subsequent phase of the process, becomes the width of our panel in a further process phase.

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