• Maintenance of manufacturing lines

  • Engineering consultancy and design services

  • Vibration analysis, balancing and aligning

  • Maintenance of manufacturing lines

    Owing to the long-term experience of our engineering staff in designing and producing process lines, we are able to provide services aimed at:

  • maintaining and restoring good working condition of lines used to manufacture sandwich panels as well as other machinery and equipment

  • permanent service of rotating machinery, principally industrial fans

  • maintaining lines used to cut mineral wool

  • limiting to the minimum losses caused by machinery shutdowns as a result of failures

  • Our technical background and equipment enable us to complete works in the location indicated by the customer and in our production plant.

    Engineering consultancy and design services

  • designing process lines used to manufacture sandwich panels with complete auxiliary equipment: packing, feeding, handling, plate uncoiling

  • designing machinery and equipment according to individual customer’s needs

  • designing industrial fans and casings

  • designing dust extraction systems for industrial facilities

  • designing and analysing dust extraction systems in terms of their performance and economics

  • designing machinery in accordance with customers’ requirements

  • Vibration diagnostics, balancing and centering

    The Company Terolling Polska provides services:

  • Control of vibration condition of equipment;

  • Diagnostics of technical condition of equipment;

  • Giving recommendations for maintenance and repair based on the actual condition of the equipment;

  • Acceptance of equipment according to vibration standards and technical condition after repair and installation of new equipment;

  • Dynamic balancing in its own bearings;

  • Laser centering of shafts.

  • Using of vibration diagnostics provides a significant economic benefits.

    This is achieved through opportunities:

  • Avoiding an accident;

  • Practically exclude unexpected stops and unplanned downtime of equipment;

  • Effectively carry out preventive and repair work relying on the technical condition of the aggregates. Analysis of data vibro diagnostic allows to draw up a clear schedule maintenance and planning preventive or overhaul when this is required by the technical condition of the equipment;

  • Significantly reduce and effectively us spare parts warehouse;

  • Identity malfunction at an early stage. Even minor problems that cannot be determined by analyzing the overall vibration level will be fixed in time, and can then control the dynamics of the development and plan the date required to eliminate.

  • Significant world experience in using modern maintenance enables the following generalized performance evaluation:

  • Reduction in maintenance costs by 75%;

  • Reducing the number of maintenance by 50%;

  • Reducing the number of failures by 70% for the first year of work.

  • The company Terolling Polska may enter into long-term service contracts, and single contracts for specific work. Specialists go to the place with their equipment. Carry out all necessary measurements and based on a detailed analysis of the data obtained give appropriate recommendations. Possible counseling by phone and e-mail, as well as in the form of a specialists departure to the Customer with or without the equipment. The results of the work are transmitted to the Customer in the form of a completed report.

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